Allerpet Study Abstract

Allerpet Study Abstract American Academy of Allergy and Immunology March 1995 Annual Meeting LGH Koren, E Janssen, A Willemse, DVM, PhD, Eindhoven & Utrecht, Netherlands Many cat allergics persist in keeping cats. Attempts to reduce cat allergen (Fel d1) exposure in dwellings include the use of air cleaners, vacuum cleaners and frequent washings. None of […]

Allerpet Study Summary

Allerpet Study Summary The Effect of Allerpet/C® Treatment on Fel d I Concentrations in Settled Dust, Cat Fur and Air Controlling exposure to cat allergens is important, both in managing symptoms in allergic individuals and potentially in reducing the risk of sensitization. Recent reports have shown that repeated washings of cats not only removes the […]

Allerpet Anecdotal Testing

Allerpet Anecdotal Testing Anecdotal Testing of Allerpet® commenced in April of 1985. The study lasted over three years and involved 168 individuals, all of whom were either allergic to their pets or had someone in their household who was. All individuals in the study told us that they were experiencing allergic reactions with varying degrees […]

Allergic to pets Quiz

Allergic to Pets? True or False A Pet-related Allergy Quiz The following pet allergy quiz is excerpted from Allergic to Pets? The Breakthrough Guide to Living with the Animals You Love by Shirlee Kalstone, ©2006, published by Bantam Dell,  Division of Random House, Inc., New York, N.Y. It is the first book to provide effective […]